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We Punch


Meaning we get shit done. A one stop shop for video, effects, and animation. 

Work with us

We're always looking for more people to work with and to expand the company's skillset. If you want to get involved, drop us an email!

Professional Video

High quality, professional video shot on cinema-grade gear for live music, nightclubs, weddings, and more.

Performance Capture

We use state of the art tech to capture performances for animation, VFX and games.


Experienced 2D and 3D animators are at the ready to bring your ideas to life, from film titles to lyric videos, we get the job done.

What We Do


Corporate Retainer

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We provide all your video needs for one price each month. From animations to commercial shoots, you get the edited videos and raw footage. Any brief, any event.

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Music Videos


A one day shoot with our video team to create an iconic, cinematic music video tailored to your act.

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Animated Music Videos


One animated music video under 4 minutes, lyrically or narrative focused, a variety of styles.

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Pricing Guide



Simple black totes with white screen printed logo.


Premium cotton black tees with a badge logo upfront and rear text logo.


Cosy black Heavy Cotton hoodies with a large text logo across the front.

An all in one solution to video, Fishpunch brings the knowhow to whatever project you've been waiting to greenlight. Our in-house team of professional videographers and animators has the skillset required to get the job done. Having delivered hundreds of videos to every type of client imaginable, you can't go wrong with punching the fish.

From animated music videos, live music recording for bands and choirs, to film titles and visual effects or commercial video - we're the ones who get it done. Fishpunch specialises in working continually with the same brands to develop their brand image by using video - and are available for one off jobs or on retainer for constant output generation.

We go by the philosophy that if it moves on screen, we can do it. We want you to be able to send us a brief and know it's going to be handled by our team. Don't hesitate, drop us an email at to book a meeting and find out how we can work together.

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